What I Know To Be True (illustrations by Guy Kettelhack)

Guy Kettelhack illustrationWhat I Know To Be True is a series of essays sharing the essential spiritual truths I have discovered along my own journey that I find have greater significance when considered as a whole. It attempts to make the deepest spiritual truths modern and accessible with clear and concise language, dropping any veil of a story.

There is an energy in this writing that has the potential to awaken the reader to the truths contained within. You might consider a spiritual practice of continually reading the series, one essay several times each day. This is especially effective when done aloud. Along the way, the reader is likely to notice shifts in awareness that result in changes of behavior and experience.

The work ends with a Manifesto For Living Consciously, a series of statements grounded in belief and directing an action or suggesting an attitude for living.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationWhat I Know To Be True

Along my journey I have found the following to be true and the basis of my own experience in consciousness ...

All things are one thing and I am that one thing

This one thing is the all knowing, infinite possibility and unlimited love and compassion of un-manifested potential

We are surrounded by an energetic body; connected to and a part of this larger, unlimited potential

We co-create within this un-manifested potential through our intentions

This un-manifested potential is non-judgmental and mirrors what we put into it

Yet it has an organizing intelligence if we give up our own will, letting go into the flow of life

We have the ability to transform or heal anything within our own energy field as creation is always re-creating itself in each moment

In this means we are able to spontaneously change our reality when we change our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and perceptions

We are able to influence and affect others as we are all one, connected within the greater energy field

This affecting and influencing occurs whether we are aware of it or not

The present moment is all there ever is – all else is only thought – memories of the past, visions of the future

There is a constant dialogue with the past and the future here in the present

With the unfolding future informing what occurs each moment

And our changing perception of the past ever affecting our experience of the present moment

All occurring at the same time and ever changing

And in this manner, we live out of a future emerging in the present, no longer from the past of limited, conditioned thinking


Guy Kettelhack illustrationAll Things Are One Thing

Many eastern sages and traditions tell us that all things are one thing. And if all things are one thing, then we must each be that one thing. We have the illusion of being an individual only because we are looking at the world through the eyes of that individual. It’s like Russian nesting dolls with the smallest doll fitting within the next largest and then those two dolls fitting inside an even larger doll. And so on. If we are the third doll in that sequence we are able to see the doll beneath us but when we look up all we see is the darkness that is actually the inside of the larger doll which contains us. As such, we see the dolls beneath or within us but we are unable to see the doll that we are within and very much a part of.

Another way to think of this expression of “me” is as a wave rising on the ocean of consciousness. Just like that wave, “we” rise out of absolute consciousness and appear for a moment to be separate from the ocean. But just as surely as the ocean gave rise to that wave it will return to its source as any indication of separation disappears. In the same way, “we” may appear to be a separate individual but are always still part of that larger ocean.

This rising human experience is much like a very small gift box through which each moment passes. We can appreciate and fully experience each moment as it passes through the box. But this box is so small only one experience may pass through at a time. We must release an experience to allow the next to pass through. In this manner, we have access to the absolute all-ness of existence that is behind the box with the joy of experiencing each portion of this all-ness one moment at a time.

This all-ness is the mind of God. Each of us has a unique role to play within this mind but we must never think we have become the mind of God. At times we may glimpse its fullness but we will not know its entirety all at once. As an individual, we can only experience this all-ness as it passes through us – for we are but a wave on the all-ness.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationUn-Manifested Potential

If all things are one thing, then this one thing must contain all other things. And in containing all other things this one thing is then all knowing, infinite possibility and unlimited love and compassion. It is un-manifested potential, encompassing everything.

We have learned through quantum physics that what appears real around us is just energy. In fact, all of matter is energy … or light. Across the ages, many spiritual traditions and teachers have told us just this. Jesus said, “You are the light of the world”. This light is the source and creation of everything we experience and is alive with potential.

It is like the light of the sun that simply shines with the pure potential of life. There is a knowing in its light that gives birth to trees, grass and flowers, with each unique and beautiful in itself. The loving light of the sun meets the budding seed as it presses through the crusted soil and unfurls into the possibility of life.

Just as electricity comes into our homes powering lights and operating appliances, the un-manifested potential of light produces all the people, plants, rocks, buildings and animals we experience every day. While we do not see electricity as light or sound or pictures it produces these things just the same in our lamps, stereos and televisions. In this same manner, it is our perspective and perception of this light that allows us to experience things as we see them. But behind our perception everything is always still un-manifested potential, just like electricity, available to transform in any moment with a shift in our perspective.

The truth of who we really are is eternal and not bound to this body, being or lifetime. From this perspective, we no longer live from a view of lacking but instead from the all-knowing, infinite possibility and unlimited love and compassion that abides in us, and as us, that is un-manifested potential.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationAll Are One

Our physical bodies are surrounded by and contained within an energetic body that is constantly creating and re-creating these physical bodies. This energetic body interfaces with the all knowing, infinite possibility, unlimited love and compassion of consciousness and communicates with the light of un-manifested potential. In this manner, we are connected with and a part of this larger, unlimited potential, yet still possess an individual consciousness.

Just as our physical bodies are made of millions and millions of individual cells, each of our energy bodies is but a cell in the larger body of consciousness. While we can see the individual cells in our body under a microscope, we can also look to see the organs, muscles and bones those individual cells form. And we can then see the human bodies that result from the organized collection of those organs, muscles and bones. As these human beings we are accustomed to looking down at the parts that comprise our bodies but not up to see what larger body these individual bodies are a part of. This larger being is the body of consciousness where we are all one. We abide in and as this field of consciousness.

Like the cells in our physical bodies, these “cells” in the body of consciousness are connected and communicate with one another. It’s much like a wireless network that allows us to communicate by mobile phone or enables our computer, printer and other peripherals to share data without the use of cables, lines and cords. While we are unable to see the information exchange or the means by which that exchange occurs we are aware of the exchange just the same. In this way, we are in constant dialogue and co-creation with consciousness and the source of everything that surrounds us through an energetic network that underlies and connects us with all of what we experience in the world. We may at times think and even experience ourselves as separate from that energy field but in actuality we are always a part of that one field.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationThe Power of Intention

Everything is energy. And our intention is the force that influences and sets this energy into form. We co-create within the un-manifested potential through our intentions. When we are conscious of this, it is simply a matter of moving this energy, shifting it into the forms we desire.

Intention is our relationship with the un-manifested potential, which is a “formless stuff” from which all things are made. In its original state, it permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe. Our thoughts, or intentions, cause this “stuff” to take form. There is a divine matrix, a conduit, which carries our conscious awareness out from our physical bodies with the intensity of our emotions that influences this “stuff” to conform to what we hold in our hearts. Our intentions are a form of energy, information energy, that imprints on each wave of un-manifested potential bringing them into being.

The placebo effect demonstrates this power of intention – and belief – showing that a patient’s belief in being healed is as powerful as the healing chemicals in medical trials. In many cases a person’s belief, even if they are receiving the placebo, can override their own biology and result in a healing experience. Their mere intention to heal has resulted in a healing.

Henry Ford said, “whether you believe something is possible, or you believe it is not, you are correct”. The history of mankind has shown that whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts become things and what we think about grows. In this manner, whether we engage actively or passively, our life is simply our thoughts expressed.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationFree Will

Our intentions mold and shape un-manifested potential. We have the freedom to make manifest anything we can hold firmly with emotion in our imagination. The light and energy of consciousness is alive with potential. And we bring it into form with our intentions. That is free will. This un-manifested potential is non-judgmental and mirrors what we put into it.

The bible says, “cast your bread upon the waters, and after many days it will come back to you”, as well as “you reap what you sow”. This means the creative energy and manifesting potential of consciousness does not judge at all what it creates – so that whatever we put into this creative pool has the potential to emerge without any judgment whatsoever to its appropriateness or even rightness. It co-creates along with us whatever intention we put into its infinite potential and hold there. It’s much like the Observer Effect in Quantum Physics where there is no phenomenon until it is observed. The observer’s interaction with the formless stuff changes it’s very nature by the simple act of observation.

The energy of consciousness is non-judgmental and does not determine some things worthy of creation and others not. No, this energy is infinite possibility. It has the power and ability to create anything. And it does – everyday. It is said “as within, so without”. The quality of our thoughts creates the nature of our experience. We are our choices – build yourself a great story.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationLetting Go Into The Flow

There is something within us that wants to be whole and when we give it just a bit of attention it multiplies. That is Grace. The un-manifested potential has an organizing intelligence if we give up our own will, letting go into the flow of life.

It’s like the large tracks of a tank or bulldozer that sets down one piece of track at a time for the equipment to move onto. And then right behind that piece of track is another. And another. And another – as the equipment continues to move forward. Likewise, our paths are set out one piece of track at a time and it is in moving onto that next piece of track that we enable the possibility of the following piece being in place. Quite simply, life unfolds and is constantly creating itself. The completion of each step is necessary to determine what the following step will involve.

If we chose not to engage a certain piece of track as it is laid before us then all future pieces are changed because all those future pieces are built off this piece of track before us today. So, it is impossible to know what the next 5 or 10 pieces of track will look like as their appearance is directly dependent on how we choose to engage the current piece of track. The next right action is always the one just before us. And it is in taking this action and the quality of completing it that the next piece of track is revealed to us.

In this manner the creative energy of consciousness has an organizing intelligence yet is not judgmental. Our choice is whether we attempt to impose our own will on the creative energy and infinite possibility of un-manifested potential or simply fall into the flow of life and trust the grace, benevolence and generosity of the universe. We do have free will – our choice is how we choose to exercise it. Imposing our will on this un-manifested potential is naturally limiting as we cannot possibly know what the future holds and thereby what is best for us.

On the other hand, when we set a high intention without attachment to specific details or outcomes we leave sufficient room for this universal, creative energy to carry us forward with grace into a future we could not possibly have imagined on our own – our destiny. The individual steps and actions along a guided life are frequently illogical in the moment yet these steps along an inspired life make perfect sense when viewed backwards at the end of our lifetime.

Let go of the shore, float into the middle of the river and go with the flow – simply do what comes up each day and be amazed.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationHeal, Transform and Re-Create

Healing is simply coming into right relationship with everything in and around us – to be made whole. We have the ability to transform or heal anything within our own energy field as creation is always re-creating itself in each moment. It’s just a matter of changing the distortion of energy or information in our body.

This energy in our body travels in circles – the choice of circulation is ours. Clockwise, drawing energy off of others, results in a black hole at our core that can never be filled. While counter-clockwise draws off the unlimited source within us and is continually releasing energy to the world around us, never depleting. This is what is meant by “it is better to give than to receive” and “it is in giving that we receive”.

St. Francis tells us in his prayer that where we see something in the world that is not well that we simply bring truth to the situation and in so doing transform it, affirming and awakening that quality in ourselves. He then tells us if we want to be loved, to simply love, and in this giving of love, we will also receive it as it passes through us from the unlimited love and compassion that dwells within us. We receive it by giving it away.

From this optimal state, our circulation of energy is continually drawing on the unlimited source and sharing it with others. When we are in this flow of life we draw off source as it manifests through us rather than drawing upon source to manifest our own will in us. The choice is whether we go directly to source for our energy or draw it off others, whether we continue to live out of the limited view of the past or are inspired from the future.

It’s said, “if you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten”. Consciousness is much like a movie reel where there are multiple frames with a space between each – a moment of experience followed by an empty space. The opportunity for healing and transformation is in those empty spaces – a matter of shifting energy.

Beliefs and perceptions are only energy. Change your perspective and your energy vibration will follow, allowing everything else to change. Your change in perception becomes attitudinal and changes your character, actions and ultimately just about everything as you align with a new energy field. The miracle starts with the change in thinking – not the end result of the healing. This change of thinking leads to an entirely different internal state of being.

Every condition and situation is the result of a thought. Change the thought and you may change the condition. If you cannot change the situation, you can still change its affect on you. Face every new experience as if you have never been in this situation before. Embrace what could be, rather than what appears to be, and re-create your life – in each moment.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationFate or Destiny?

Every condition is the result of a thought and everything we think contributes to our success – or lacking. When we consciously choose to let old thoughts go, we open ourselves to new possibilities. In this means we are able to spontaneously change our reality when we change our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and perceptions. Every event is always neutral – any reaction is coming from the memory of a past experience, charging this present moment so that it is no longer neutral.

This is conditioned thinking – the cause and effect of karma – where we are unable to rise above our thoughts of how things are, or should be, in order to experience them as they actually are. The idea that there are limits is from the ego. Our higher self knows there are no limits. The ego has a filtered view and can only base ideas on the past, it has no knowledge outside our experience. Thoughts of doubt, frustration, impatience and fear confirm that whatever we are working towards does not now exist and keeps us living in our current reality.

Life has momentum – either directed by our conditioned thinking or guided by our destiny. Fate is the predetermined and seemingly inevitable series of events that happen to us as a result of our conditioned thinking, while destiny is the purpose and calling of a life. It allows us to navigate life instead of stumble through it. Conditioned thinking is like a virus that re-infects our destiny by projecting onto our future, condemning us to repeat patterns of the past. When we heal this past, and let it go, we are free to live in the flow of life on the path of our destiny where we experience life as an unfolding series of new experiences.

It’s much like streaming video where we live on the constant feed of our unfolding destiny rather than continue to write the story from our own limited, conditioned thinking. Thinking keeps us in our heads where there is only a thought of who we are, preventing us from living in the heart, where the truth of who we really are resides. There is nothing to do, or have, in order to be. We need only be who we really are, in each moment, and the doing and having will come naturally. We realize life is not a problem to be solved, but a wondrous mystery to be explored – not a destination but a journey.

When we spontaneously forget who we think we are, we instantaneously remember who we really are.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationRising Tides Lift All Boats

Since we are all one, connected within the greater energy field, we affect each other through our thoughts, beliefs and intentions. This affecting and influencing occurs whether we are aware of it or not. However, when we let go of our own will and allow the divine, organizing intelligence of the universe guide the process we create the opportunity for significant and transformative change to occur.

While we may not manifest for another person, we can send them healing energy, which they can receive as long as they wish for the healing themselves. We would be playing god if we attempted to apply our will on another, even if for their good. However, we can take full responsibility to clear any thought or condition in us that may be interfering with the life of another. When we heal ourselves, anyone nearby is soothed and comforted by the loving, non-judgmental presence and attention of a healthy being. Those with high vibrations have a healing affect on those around them – rising tides lift all boats.

It’s like the sun that shines without intent or will or plan, thoroughly and constantly. By being itself, the sun warms with its light, never withholding or warming only certain things. Rather, the sun emanates in all directions all the time, and things grow. When we realize we are a soul/mind that is infinite and connected to every other soul/mind and connected to source, we know there are no limits and all things are possible.

Matter and mind are two aspects of the same thing – the outside and inside of matter, respectively. Each little speck of matter throughout the universe is both a speck of matter and a speck of mind. We can impose our will on the creative potential of matter or simply let the mind within that matter speak for itself and reveal the truth of what it contains within. The greatest opportunity we have is to simply hold clear space free of limiting conditioned thinking where the future is entirely free to manifest just as it desires in all its grandeur, splendid and absolute perfection.

When we return to the truth of who we really are, we manifest our lives with intent – purposely and consciously. It’s a choice – meditation quiets conditioned thinking and prayer sets intentions, reprogramming the software that runs “me” and “my” experience. Along the path of enlightenment, we first experience God outside ourselves, then within ourselves until eventually we experience God working through us and finally God working as us. We realize we are God masquerading as our self. The Bhagavad Gita says, “He lives in wisdom who sees himself in all and all in him. He is forever free who has broken out of the ego cage of I and mine.”

Give up the sense of a separate self and gain everything.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationThe Present Moment of Now

The present moment is all there ever is – everything else is only thought, memories of the past and visions of the future. There is a constant dialogue with the past and the future here in the present, with the unfolding future informing what occurs each moment and our ever changing perception of the past affecting our experience of the present moment – all occurring at the same time yet ever changing.

Many sages have told us throughout history that this present moment is all we have. There is no past – only our memories of it. And there’s no future – only our thoughts of what we can imagine it to be. Actual experience only occurs in the present moment. Anything else is only a thought, even if that thought is the memory of an actual event. We can only ever experience the present moment and it is constantly occurring, providing us the opportunity to gain awareness and shift our perception in each moment. As such, we can “re-imagine” the past and give events new meaning in the present.

If we could view our lives from their end, we would see them holistically and understand the logic of the otherwise seemingly random components. By stepping up to a higher level of awareness, the view of our entire lifetime, we step outside of linear time to see everything at once and in so doing gain a clarity and understanding not possible when still looking at the individual events.

In much the same way, universal consciousness does not experience movement from one object or experience to another. It is always the eternal moment of now. Everything that can possibly happen in the universe, the past, the present and the future, are all running simultaneously. All of time is occurring at once. We only experience linear time in order to bring some degree of logic and perception to this timelessness of infinity.

From this view of non-linear time the future can actually reach back to us here in the present to inform the choices we are making that will impact that future ahead of us. Likewise, our choices and actions in the present reach back into the past to influence those before us from the opportunities we are realizing here in the present, making this moment possible. In this manner the present, the future and the past are in a constant dialogue and co-creation of each precious, present moment.

Time is actually circular in nature, revolving around the perfection that is already this present moment. We move from experiencing the linear time of our separate sense of “I”, through a collective experience where the sense of time becomes more fluid, into a place where time stands still, until we reach the eternal moment of “no time” where we merge with the knowledge of what we are becoming. And we realize that everything is always perfect just as it is – in this present moment of now.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationA Radical New Way of Living

Most of us carry old habits, thoughts and beliefs from the limited perspective of our experience that have us locked in a cycle of the past repeating itself. However, when we release these old thoughts we open to the possibilities in the present moment. Likewise when we take responsibility in each moment, we no longer create karma to carry forward. In this manner we shift the direction we live, from the limited, conditioned thinking of our past and into a future emerging in the present.

The brain is a stubborn organ, finding it difficult to integrate opposing ideas once its primary set of beliefs is established. When we resist something it tends to persist. A teacher once described it as pressing my hands together – with the left hand being my path and the right the will of my ego. Pressing my will (the right hand) against my path (the left) keeps me stuck, but when I drop my will (right hand) then my path (left hand) is free to move forward.

When we are going in the appropriate direction, our lives unfold without difficulty. Challenges may still come, but these are either necessary to teach us some lesson or to help strengthen our resolve. However, when we continue to encounter obstacles it may be an indication that we are no longer on our path. Our intuition is connected to our higher mind and can see our purpose. It provides guidance and can understand whether a particular action takes us closer to this purpose, or turns us in the wrong direction. Much like GPS, it makes a quiet statement of “turn here” and then we listen or not. And, just as the GPS does, our intuition adjusts and prepares the next suggestion.

Nothing is a mistake as long as we are listening in each moment. Allow ourselves to own what it is we really want. If the desire is appropriate, owning it paves a path for its manifestation. If not, owning it is also necessary so we can surrender it for transformation.

In the present moment, which is all there ever is, there is no future to step into. When we stand firmly in this present moment, unencumbered with the past, we allow the future to give rise in us – and it emerges – without us moving towards it or pulling it to us. In this manner, we are unconsciously manifesting which can occur almost before we even know that we want the thing that just manifested. We come to trust the benevolence and abundance of a higher intelligence that causes all things to happen.

As the future emerges through us, we are living the life that the life within us wants to live.


Guy Kettelhack illustrationA Manifesto For Living Consiously

Because I believe in love, I first love myself; then seeing myself in others, I love and experience them in a way that builds trust.

Because I believe we are all connected, I honor that connection and recognize I am the source of everything I experience.

Because I believe in truth, I deal honestly with myself and use integrity in my interactions with others.

Because I value commitment and honesty, I cultivate relationships grounded in respect and trust that enable consideration and co-operation.

Because I believe in the synergy of open minds actively engaging, I communicate consciously to push my thinking and allow me to discover new ideas.

Because I realize I am a human “being”, not just a human “doing”, I balance my life between mind, body and spirit.

Because I find meaning in all aspects of my life, I consciously choose where I place my attention.

Because I appreciate beauty and our creative ability, I recognize, honor, & empower however it chooses to manifest through me.

Because I believe in purpose, I consciously choose how to spend my time, doing those things I find fulfilling which move me towards my goals.

Because I believe in personal responsibility, I choose how I respond to each situation and every circumstance I face.

Because I view challenges as opportunities, I seek out new information as a matter of learning.

Because I believe in abundance and prosperity, realizing there is enough for everyone, I rightfully claim what I desire without guilt, judgment or conditions.

Because I value the body in which I live, I respect it with good nutrition and regular exercise to maintain good health.

Because I believe an uncluttered environment is an uncluttered mind, I keep my self and my environment organized allowing me to accomplish more.

Because I believe much is expected from those to whom much is given, I make contributions that leave this world a bit better than I found it.