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Sense And Respond As A Way To Navigate Uncertainty

It is getting more and more difficult to plan ahead with any degree of accuracy and relevance as our ever-changing world continues to move more quickly and develop ever greater complexity. We need a new means of engaging through an action plan that my mentor, Dr. Michael Picucci, describes as a creative and fluid movement of experience.

Context → Objectives → Actions

Operating in this manner requires focus that comes from working within a greater context – an energetic resonance – that can be felt within the body. This context, when engaged with awareness, provides the roadmap to guide and direct your way by informing your intentions (or objectives) and continually inspiring action. It’s a model working from the big picture down into the actionable details – from context to intentions to action, from why to how to what.

This type of navigation is a process of continual and ever-present listening. One sets out towards an objective with a loosely defined plan and then re-assesses where they are after each step before sensing again for the next inspired action. In this way we remove ourselves from attachment to detailed action plans and operate within more general intentions, inspired in the present moment to take action and then listen for feedback to inform the next following action. It’s an operating system that allows you to run your business in the present moment, taking inspired action and continually recalibrating the next step all within the overall structure of your business context and supporting your current objectives.

An Internal GPS

This deep listening enables you to be more attentive for new information to emerge so that you can sense when you might need to correct course. This provides a natural filter for ego-disturbance and acting on information not within the energy of your context. So that even if you take a wrong action it will be corrected by listening to sense the next inspired action – much like a self-correcting GPS. While some of us have the capacity to sense in this manner for ourselves, others may want someone to listen with them to filter out the possibility of disturbance from their own ego perspective.

This sense and respond process has the capability of integrating all inputs and possibilities, even those beyond one’s awareness. So that the result of each step can radically alter one’s otherwise desired outcome. It’s a departure from making something happen at all costs to letting what wants to happen simply happen. Operating like this with full awareness allows us to remain open to the ever-changing possibilities in the present moment.