Self-Aware Organization

The Self-Aware Organization seeks and nurtures a deeper awareness of itself as a whole system. This approach provides an objective perspective on the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in the organization. It operates with an expansive view of capital that includes more than just the financial assets to:

  • Recognize, measure and track all forms of capital in the organization, including financial, human, structural, collaborative, social and competitive capital. 
  • Integrate this expanded view of capital into strategic planning and budgeting for an effective allocation and utilization of all forms of capital. 
  • Report progress and success across multiple metrics - qualitative and quantitative, objective and subjective - to fully measure and understand the impact of meaning-making along with the results of money-making.

It expands on traditional accounting and financial management to create a comprehensive and holistic approach. The tools developed to support this approach build on the financial processes already familiar to businesses and organizations:

  • A multi-dimensional balance sheet that contains a view of assets, liabilities and equity beyond the more quantifiable financial ones for a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the organization. The result is a progressive four-dimensional look at the organization: financial, non-financial, emotional and energetic.
  • Holistic decision-making that integrates factors beyond only the financial for a more comprehensive and integrated evaluation, assessment and utilization of all assets and organizational strengths for an expanded approach to strategic planning and budgeting. 
  • A dashboard of metrics that measures more than just the financial results, evaluating success across multiple dimensions, combining more quantitative measures with some qualitative evaluations for a better assessment of the organization’s overall health and well-being with attention to what really matters to the organization and the impact it aspires to make. This dashboard provides the means to measure both the results of money-making and the impacts of meaning-making.

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