Management in the Moment

Management in the Moment is a method for agile management and project planning. This technique grounds the business in its context for being in business and operates from the deep resources of intuition and one’s inner knowing.

The business context is the genuine and authentic why of being in business. Most businesses organize themselves by first deciding what it is they are going to do, then how that plan to do that and perhaps a few consider why they are in business other than just to make money.

This approach is reversed from a more conscious approach which would first center in the why of being in business – the desired impact of the business – then consider how to achieve this why and finally look at what the business produces. (See Simon Sinek’s TedX talk about working from Why to How to What).

Working from the grounding of the business context – its why – and being in the presence of the moment, the organization’s objectives (or intentions) are informed by this context and any resulting actions are in complete alignment. In this way the organization flows from context to objectives and into action – enabling the business to take spontaneous action in the moment while still maintaining the longer view of its context.

There are two techniques that are effective tools of Management in the Moment:

  • Sense and Respond is an operating system that allows you to run your business in the present moment, taking inspired action and continually recalibrating the next step all within the overall structure of your business context and supporting your current objectives.  Read more  
  • (Co)Creating accesses new thinking, generates innovation and provides the agile framework for moving into action and managing execution.  Read more

Learn about the Conscious Business Operating Model.


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