Business Focalizing

Focalizing Dynamic Links

Focalizing, a dynamic process introduced by Dr. Michael Picucci, allows us to respectfully set aside familiar thoughts and feelings and instead access our innate intelligence. It can benefit any person or organization stuck in their current circumstances. Reconnecting us with a natural resource that conveys new perspectives, Focalizing often illuminates previously unseen possibilities for moving forward with grace. In learning to transform overwhelming life situations we can suspend our everyday thinking mind to a timeless source of change. Focalizing allows us to develop a newly enlightened intelligence that becomes integrated into the very fabric of our being.

A Focalizer empowers themself and is empowered by others to bring focus to matters at hand and elevate everyone’s energy to the highest level directing it toward the common good. A Focalizer demonstrates willingness in gatherings of two or more people to bring a respectful cognitive, emotional, and energetic focus to what concerns us.

Dynamic Linking is a way of connecting with and relating to people in order to access both inner and outer resources. It happens when two or more people come together as a unified, entity. In this more expansive place there is a sense of flow, informed by Source Energy—the intelligence of a future wanting to emerge. Dynamic Linking occurs (or is Focalized) when two or more people share a coherent, resonant state, each interpreting the same stream of information directly from Source.

Focalizing Taps New Business Resources

Business Focalizing (Focalizing Dynamic Links in a business) connects people with the energy intelligence at the core of their organization as a valuable resource for generating creativity, supporting innovation and actually manifesting the higher good we all seek to bring into our world.

The energy intelligence at the core of an organization is a rich resource and provides access to valuable new tools and innovative business practices:

  • Raising Energy – Nurturing and elevating the energy at the core of your organization creates the positive environment for accessing these new resources.
  • Providing Wisdom – Tapping your own intuition as a valuable business tool, you gain insights into particular aspects of your business for guidance with challenging issues.
  • Manifesting Objectives – Create the energetic contexts that support and manifest your business objectives. By embodying the energetic context for your intentions, you achieve them by first being them.
  • Clearing Space – Clear the energy in your physical environment, raising the vibration and holding space for what you wish to create there. 

Your business develops the capacity to generate new ideas and organize for sustainable results.

The Business Focalizer

Much like the shaman of indigenous cultures support and nurture the spiritual health of their community, a conscious business would need someone to bring deliberate attention to its consciousness. This Focalizer holds the highest view of the organization’s potential, elevating the organization’s energy and accessing deepened awareness as a resource to bring holistic attention to matters at hand. From this perspective, the Focalizer is a catalyst for transformation in the organization.

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