The blind spot in current leaders’ thought is that they know all about what leaders do and how they do it—but not about the source level, that is, the inner place or the state of awareness from which leaders and organizations operate. – Otto Scharmer, MIT

















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An Operating Model For Conscious Business

The Conscious Business is a model in motion, powered from the inside out. Unlike a series of tools accumulated individually, which can be overwhelming and difficult to effectively integrate, this is a unifying model that naturally supports conscious business practices. It's a new way of doing business recognizing that the organization itself is conscious, with an awareness of itself beyond the individuals who form it.

Operating from this deepened awareness, the Conscious Business accesses energy and wisdom as valuable resources to build and sustain itself. It’s a circulating nucleus of energy intelligence fueling the wisdom that in turn informs the continued flow of energy. When inner conditions are clear, this shift in perspective gives rise to conscious and innovative business practices, generating sustainable results …

… enabling the business to:

  • Remain relevant, responding to an ever-changing business environment
  • Utilize individual’s strengths for its collective well-being
  • Move collectively as a singular entity
  • Operate effectively and efficiently

Business Focalizing accesses this deepened awareness and inner resources of your organization.

For More Information

Click for a more detailed presentation of the Conscious Business Operating Model.