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Om Healing Transformation

Conditions For A Healing Transformation

Conditions For Healing is a series of essays taking you behind the scenes to reveal my perspective on the basics of a healing transformation. It begins with a simple formula for healing where we plant the seeds of our firmly held intentions in the fertile soil of belief, nourished with gratitude and without the disturbance of fear.

After introducing the basic formula, I explore what to do when obstacles block our way, why some intentions never manifest and how letting go into the flow of life is the only choice of free will we ever really have.  Finally, I consider what’s involved in affecting a healing transformation on our own and then share the four stages one passes through on the path of enlightenment to a state of holism.


A Formula For Healing

Healing is simply coming into right relationship with ourselves and the world around us.  It’s a transformation as we realize, and work within the wholeness of who we already are.  At our most basic we are energy, pure potential.  Any condition of dis-ease is a distortion of that energy.  Our original blueprint has become scrambled.  Healing is about bringing our entire system back into alignment.

This goes beyond our physical body – to the psyche. Our bodies have a limited lifetime with the simple purpose of housing our spirit, but our psyche contains our collective experience.  When we identify so closely with these bodies, we become obsessed with attempting to prolong their life.  In order to actually heal, we must step outside ourselves where we can then see our deeper wounds.

The greatest success will come with looking beyond symptoms to the source of what ails us.  Healing is about addressing the original cause of what is manifesting on the physical level.  Every condition is the result of a thought.  When we identify the thought behind the belief or pattern creating a dis-eased condition; we can then heal the belief, by changing the thought.  Often by addressing and healing the original source of our illness, the symptoms are also cured.

Most of our beliefs are so long-held that they actually seem a part of us, making it even more difficult to identify them.  It’s as if they have been hiding in our subconscious affecting our thoughts and actions without us even knowing it.  But these beliefs can dissolve in the light of day when we look at them honestly, openly and fully.

Healing comes in integration, not elimination.  Awareness is a healing movement and acceptance opens a doorway when we make ourselves large enough to embrace, not resist, that which ails us.  When we can see ourselves separate from our challenges, we are able to look more openly and take responsibility for what is happening in our lives, enabling us to change the beliefs behind the thoughts manifesting our current reality.  Healing at this level is knowing we are not our stories, so that we can simply receive what there is to learn in each life experience.  Healing transformation happens when we take full responsibility for everything happening in our awareness, at each moment.

As we heal, our personal vibration rises to the higher frequencies of love, compassion, understanding, respect, reverence, humility and generosity.  And the collective vibration rises with us, giving rise to these qualities in more people, which raises the collective vibration even further.  This continues until we find ourselves no longer in the presence of fear, doubt, insecurity and all the lower behaviors that associate themselves with these base emotions. The world around us begins to mirror the healing that is occurring within us.  Our personal healing makes it easier for others to heal the same wound until it no longer exists in the human condition.  We all benefit as we each heal.

There’s a basic formula for a healing transformation that is possible when we look past our physical experience, into the psyche; beyond symptoms, to the source; and seek to integrate, not eliminate.  From this place we simply plant the seeds of our firmly held intentions in the fertile soil of belief, nourished with gratitude and without the disturbance of fear.  It doesn’t have to be a struggle; the only difficulty is in deciding to change and dropping any resistance.


The Fertile Soil of Belief

Before we tend the garden of our healing transformation, it is necessary to prepare the fertile soil of belief.  Belief is about possibility – the recognition that a change in our current circumstances is possible; and for the better.  It’s awareness that things can be different.  You don’t have to know who or what will provide, or even how it will happen.  Just acknowledge that it is possible.  Belief is in optimism.  Look up, instead of down.  Consider what good might happen, not the bad.  Expect the best, not the worst.

It’s like the gentle dragon who lived in a land isolated from any other beings.  One day a warrior arrived and drew his sword to attack the dragon.  But the dragon was only curious and approached the warrior to learn who he was and what he wanted.  The warrior charged, but the dragon looked in wonder and stepped aside at the last moment thinking the warrior was engaging him in play.  This continued for some time with the warrior thinking he was fighting and the dragon only playing.  Until finally the dragon was wounded and lay in pain, expecting the warrior to help him.  As the warrior raised his sword for the fatal blow, the prince rode up and sensing the dragon’s gentile nature, knelt at his side to soothe his wounds and comfort his pain.

Belief is remaining curious and expecting the best.  It’s like a muscle that grows stronger with each use.  Let me share some tools to develop your own muscle of belief.

First, scan back across your own life and take notice of times you felt despairing – remember what was going on in your life.  Had you lost your job?  Was a relationship you cherished ending?  Had you lost someone close to you?  Did you not get something you really wanted?  Were you ill?

Now that you have tuned into those times in the past, reflect on where you are today.  Is it different?  What changed?  How are things different?  Did they get better?  Did you learn something through the experience?  Start a journal and look every day at some time in your life that you were despairing and reflect on how it has changed.  Over time you will grow in the confidence that everything changes – it becomes different and often better.

You can also look around you at the people in your life.  Sometimes this is easier since we aren’t as personally attached to others stories as we are our own.  Do the same exercise by looking at times when they were in hopeless situations.  Did they change?  Do this reflection until the possibility of belief awakens in you too!

One of my teachers gave me a tool you can practice in the moment.  It’s called, “What if … up!”  When you are in the middle of something and you find yourself expecting a bad outcome, stop for a moment and consider what if something really good happens through this situation.  Go ahead; imagine all the possibilities.  Let yourself go, and see what you find.  In time, you will notice yourself more often expecting the best and less often entertaining the worst.

Healing is a dialogue between our own individual being, our current circumstances and the possibility for something different – even better; and it starts with belief.


Healing TransformationIntention Is The Seed

It is the intention to heal that brings results. We co-create our reality as our intention engages the universal energy of un-manifested potential.  So that whatever we think about grows, and whatever we put out comes back to us.  If we are haphazardly holding a bunch of thoughts, we will experience a seemingly random life of sometimes realizing what we desire, and other times not.

The power comes in deliberately setting and holding our intention without wavering.  It’s like a seed we keep digging up to see if it has sprouted roots.  Every time we unearth that seed we arrest its growth and possibly end it’s germination.  Imagine there is a host of angels ready to manifest your intentions – and then you change your mind.  How can anything be realized when these angels are running first here and then there chasing your ever changing desires.  We must hold firmly to our intention so that there is time for it to germinate and manifest.

The reason many of us constantly change our intentions is that we just don’t believe they will materialize.  How can our intentions possibly come about if we don’t believe it’s possible?  We are tempted after only a short time to change our intention or alter it in a way to realize something that looks like our intention, but never really is.  Belief is the fertile soil in which we plant our seeds of intention.  Our belief germinates these seeds until they sprout and begin to grow, blossom and produce fruit in our lives.  We join hands with source energy in a dance of co-creation when we hold our intention, along with belief.

Visualization is the most powerful way to hold an intention and manifest results.  Your vision comes alive in your imagination as you dream a future into being.  It can be much more effective than many, many days of repeating an affirmation.  Set a vision for what you want, keep your focus there, and then simply move with the flow of life. 

Just imagine!


Gratitude Is The Plant In Every Seed

Unless we are in a significant life transition, we normally have more “good” things in our life than “bad” – more as we would like, than we want to change.  However, where we place our attention has a significant impact on our attitude.  It’s our perspective that really matters.  If 80% of our life is going as we like but we have our attention on the 20% we wish to change then that 20% will seem much bigger than it is and we may even lose sight of the 80% that is good.

Gratitude has the amazing ability to shift our perspective – back to the 80%.  Take a moment each day to list ten things going well in your life.  Now, think about your list and let your heart fill with gratitude as you say “thank you”.  Over time, your mind will more easily stay on what’s going well and off those things that are not.

When we are grateful for what is working in our lives, it cultivates belief and gives us the confidence to trust that everything in our lives is working – even if it doesn’t appear to it at the moment.  Gratitude connects us with our higher self that knows everything is ok just as it is.  From this perspective, we can imagine our lives from the end and see how everything fits into place, creating the reality we were meant to experience and the lessons we came to learn.  We dance to the music playing in any moment and find that gratitude is acceptance, with joy!

The bible says, “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  Gratitude creates a positive frame of mind, opening the way to even more positive experiences.  It’s the power of optimism.  Gratitude for what we only desire is the belief that it is possible.  And just like the plant in every seed, acknowledges it already exists.


Undisturbed By Fear

In the garden of healing transformation, we plant the seeds of our firmly held intention in the fertile soil of belief, nourished with gratitude.  Yet fear may disturb the process.  It causes us to dig through the soil to see if our seeds have sprouted, arresting their growth.  Or, we plant so many seeds for fear one of them won’t sprout that they crowd each another out and don’t grow.  Fear causes us to doubt our belief, blocking the energy of co-creation.

It keeps us small, like ballast holding us in the limited perspective of our ego.  Fear is the dragon at the cave of our most vulnerable self – first there to protect our heart’s desire but now preventing us from attaining it.  It points to what ails us most and can reveal our inner truth, when healed.

Listen for these dragons.  It sounds like this.  You mention to your best friend you would like to date someone.  When your friend suggests placing a personal ad, you respond, “yes, that’s a great idea … but, let me lose 5 pounds first”.  That’s a “yes … but”, and like “not until …” is poison.  You destroy the possibility of meeting someone when you say, “I’m not ready”.

Our energy is blocked when we focus on changing something, rather than manifesting what we desire.  We cannot hold both intentions at the same time.  They are in conflict with one another.  Fear keeps us locked in the past, focusing on what needs to change rather than what we want for the future.  When we accept the circumstances in the present moment, our desired intention inspires the necessary change.

Fear is at the core of that desire to lose weight, but you can’t see it while focused on the 5 pounds. Rather than hit the gym and cut out carbs, look beyond the symptoms to see that you don’t feel worthy of what you desire.  You see, fear is the opposite of love, not hate.  When we love and accept ourselves, just as we are in every moment, we know we are worthy of what we desire.  It’s a mother’s love, directed toward ourselves.

Engaging fear is a healing movement.  When we move beyond our habitual comfort zone, we are able to address our deepest wounds – those we are here to heal.  Feel the fear and gather the courage that gives you the strength to look at your fear with the love and compassion necessary to transform it.  Our greatest results come when our fertile soil of belief is undisturbed by fear.


Obstacles Along Our Path

It’s not unusual to encounter obstacles, even when our fertile soil of belief is no longer disturbed by fear.  The first inclination is usually to push through the obstacle, but a much deeper experience comes by persevering in the face of difficulty.  Transformation results from paying attention, not pushing aside.  It’s like a jack in the box – the more we push it down, it just pops right back up.  Instead, we take responsibility for everything in our own experience.  When we hit an obstacle and slow down, we can get quiet and hear what it has to tell us.

It may have come to show us something we need to learn before moving onto the next step in our journey.  Obstacles are a conscious part of our healing transformation.  We are grateful when we know they are working for us, not against us.  We can be curious and engage, not avoid.

They may also indicate we are no longer on our intended path.  Think of it as a conscious GPS.  When we make a wrong turn it grows more difficult to move ahead.  It may seem we are pushing harder but not getting anywhere.  Ask what the next step in this journey should be and listen for information guiding you back on your way.

As you clear the obstacles in your path, you can live more fully in the present as the future moves through you.  When we stand firmly, we realize there is no future we are moving towards but rather a future that is moving towards our experience of it.  From this space you can consciously cultivate and hold thoughts supporting an expanded reality of the present moment.


Why Some Intentions Don’t Manifest

In the garden of healing transformation some of our intentions still don’t manifest even when our path is clear of obstacles and our belief is undisturbed by fear.  While our healing intentions are firmly held, we may need to look deeper – at the quality of those intentions.  Are they in alignment with the greater human consciousness and ultimately absolute consciousness?

Let’s look first at the context of our intentions within the greater human consciousness.  A good example is the “American Dream”.  As Americans, we began to create a collective “dream” coming out of World War II that suggested if we were good citizens, got a college degree and worked hard we would then have greater prosperity than our parent’s generation.  As many of us bought into this “dream” it became easier for even more to manifest.

In time, it became expected as we lost sight of the “dream” and conditions upon which it was built, thinking it our birthright rather than the result of our dedicated efforts.  With the “American Dream” dissipated, it becomes more difficult for any of us to manifest.  You see, along with our desires and intentions, we are part of the larger consciousness of humanity – and it’s changing.  There is a new dream emerging as more people realize our collective survival depends upon our common existence.

Beyond the collective human consciousness is absolute consciousness.  There is an organizing intelligence running the universe and while it is benign and mirrors what we put out, it does strive to grow and achieve an evolved realization of itself.  As this absolute consciousness evolves, any individual intentions not aligned become more difficult to manifest.  We are attempting to swim upstream.  Life, through the evolution of absolute consciousness, is like a river flowing in a definite direction.  Rather than swim against the current, we can simply let go of the shore, float into the middle and move with the flow.

We experience the greatest results when our intentions are aligned with absolute consciousness.  Begin at the top and work down to the details.  Start with the intention to experience bliss – peace and serenity.  From this place, we begin to wonder whose intentions these really are.


Healing TransformationLetting Go Is The Only Free Will

In the garden of our healing transformation we plant the seeds of our firmly held intentions in the fertile soil of belief, nourished with gratitude and undisturbed by fear.  When we encounter obstacles we look to see if it’s our conscious GPS or whether it has come to teach us something before we can move forward.  In time we realize we only encounter obstacles when we aren’t present in the moment.  You see when we are in the present moment we actually aren’t moving, it’s the future coming towards us that gives us the impression of movement.  The obstacles we encounter when present in the moment are those that have come to teach us something.  We also become aware that the quality of our intentions can affect their manifestation.  We find the greatest success when our intentions are aligned with absolute consciousness.  The interference of our ego is the only barrier to realizing a healing transformation.

While our ability to manifest change in our lives is grounded in a higher consciousness, it nonetheless comes from a limited perspective of an individual ego.  There is someone desiring something that they wish to make manifest.  As an individual ego, we only have visibility to what we have seen, experienced or can imagine.  When we exercise our own will, we are setting ourselves on a course limited by the recycled thoughts of our conditioned thinking.

Our one act of free will is letting go to be guided by source – all else is recycled ideas left over from some expectation of how our world should be.  Original thinking comes from source.  Many artists and athletes describe it as being in the “flow”. This flow is real and accessible to each of.  We have a choice – one choice – to let go into that flow or continue following the endless whims of our conditioned thinking.

The highest intention we can ever hold is simply “thy will be done” – recognizing there is an organizing intelligence in the universe and allowing its will to unfold, transcending the limited perspective of our individual egos.  From this place, there is no individual ego with some desire it would like to make manifest.  It is about “doing” without being the “doer”.

We do this by engaging the healing formula – without attachment.  After setting our intention, we let go of any expectation of the outcome.  We say, “this or something better” and simply do what comes up each day, allowing our greatest good to unfold.  Detaching in this manner recognizes the wisdom of uncertainty where we accept the present while still intending the future. We work out of the energy of creation, not simply with it.  Give attention to uncertainty and be amazed at what emerges to solve problems along your path of healing transformation.

At this point you might be wondering why even hold our own intentions.  Our desires, along with talents and passions, are a gift from the divine creating our intentions and pointing to our purpose. Our hopes and dreams are the universe whispering to us, planting an idea of what’s possible while directing us toward the best use of our gifts.  In the healing garden of transformation we realize everything is the seed of opportunity as we seek to realize our potential and fulfill our purpose.  Yet, it is still our choice how we choose to participate.

While most of us focus on finding our purpose in doing or accomplishing something tangible, there are four other aspects we often miss.  We may also be here to heal some part of ourselves, learn some lesson, be witness to an experience or express some unique gift.  By focusing too much attention on accomplishing something specific we may miss what must be learned or experienced before we can realize our potential and know who we really are.


There Was Never Anything To Heal

While it is possible along the path of transformation to heal oneself, it is difficult.  You must step outside ordinary, daily reality to access the timeless and formless space where transformation occurs.  This is not possible from our individual existence and often requires a healer who can help us move beyond identification with our own ego.

You see, we have the misperception of being separate from those around us.  Quite the contrary, we are all connected within a much greater consciousness, as one.  The small and limited perspective of our own ego blocks us from seeing and experiencing our greater wholeness. Fortunately, loving ourselves provides a doorway to step outside our individual ego.

This love knows our flaws and loves us anyway, not in spite of them, but because of them.  Recognizing our flaws acknowledges our humanity, making us more approachable.  And when we love ourselves just as we are, it is easier to love and accept others in the same way.  Soon we are looking at how we are similar, rather than different.  From here, we realize we are connected and can step beyond identification as our individual selves to experience our greater and collective identity.  We realize the truth of who we really are.  It’s actually a simple and direct path that starts with loving ourselves, which releases any ego-bound fears so that we naturally rise to the light of our higher self.

Stepping outside ourselves is the greatest healing movement, making us large enough to contain our own transformation.  We can look at ourselves objectively from the higher truth of who we really are, without reservations or conditions, where there is little or no attachment to the thoughts and beliefs of our ego, and see what is really going on in any given situation.  It is the timeless, formless space of pure potential where healing transformation occurs.

We have access to a wisdom, knowledge and insight not possible from the limited perspective of our body-bound egos.  We see this moment is perfect, just as it is.  Everything is as it is supposed to be.  We know what great and beautiful beings we are. And we realize we already have what we desire.  When we experience the love that knows we are already whole and drop the misidentification as an individual being, we realize the truth of who we really are and finally understand that there was never actually anything to heal.

We already are what we were seeking.


Healing Is Beyond Believing

Healing creates new beliefs, until you eventually move beyond all beliefs and shift into a new paradigm – a completely different reality with new possibilities.  It’s here you experience the timeless and formless space of a deep, inner knowing that can guide you more effortlessly and gracefully along your path of healing transformation towards a realization of who you really are.  While this journey can be different for each of us, I have found four stages we pass through along this path of enlightenment to a state of holism.

We must first create the opportunity and ready ourselves for the process to begin.  In this step we realize our physical bodies are the vessel for a spiritual experience.  It is said the gods created man to experience themselves.  Think about it – on the spirit realm, the “gods” don’t have access to the physical pleasures of the human body.  Our spirit experiences the physical being when it inhabits our body, and our physical self experiences our spiritual being.  We see that we are more than just our physical body and mental thoughts, experiencing our spiritual nature separate and apart from our physical being.

From here we can work with another person to connect with our intuition – an inner knowing where we are simply in the flow of life.  When we see ourselves separate from our bodies we begin to understand there is an intelligence running just beneath the surface of our physical world.  We can tap into this intelligence and experience it as hunches, gut feelings and even a comforting sense of knowing we are in the right place at the right time.  While we may not yet be able to maintain this connection on our own, we have a reference point that is familiar and which we can seek again.

We are now at a place where we see there is a spiritual element to life, separate from our own selves and with an intelligence all its own.  It is here we do the work of transformation, though it is still necessary to work with another person as a healing conduit into the timeless, formless space beyond our own individual self where healing takes place.  As you do more of this healing work, you rise higher and from time to time glimpse our destination, the wholeness that we all are.

As these experiences grow more frequent and closer together, you finally seek to sustain the experience yourself.  And when you do, you find yourself back where you started – yet completely different.