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Barry Lipscomb

Highly intuitive and conceptual, I like to work with big picture ideas and organize them into systems of thought. I hold high integrity to these ideas allowing me to establish and honor the context for a project. My communication style is to be concise and present complex ideas simply. As a business leader, I facilitated executive strategy sessions, led change initiatives and developed and directed process improvement efforts.  My ability to connect genuinely with people has allowed me to mediate problem resolution and coordinate efforts across cross-functional teams and between senior executives.

I bring my most authentic self to my work, drawing on my own life experience and quest for deeper meaning and purpose. Over the years, I looked in depth at many eastern spiritual traditions, explored paths of higher consciousness and engaged a study of Shamanism.

As a Business Focalizer, I draw from my own personal experience of transformation to better understand and connect with the consciousness of an organization. Combined with my business experience, this deepened understanding of consciousness has the potential to affect real change in a business organization.

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